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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  August 29, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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we're getting up to the minute on today's top stories. natural resource police continue to search for a fisherman who disappeared in a creek. 52-year-old sherman walden jumped into the creek trying to help two women. he disappeared. searchers have covered a 26-square mile area. the suspect in the perry hall high school shooting did not appear in court.
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15-year-old robert gladden, jr.'s bail was postponed. gladden faces attempted murder charges. police say he fired a shotgun randomly in the cafeteria shooting a classmate. george huguely is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow for murdering his girlfriend yeardley love. huguely was convicted of second-degree murder charges. a jury recommended 26 years in prison. this is what some people are seeing out of louisiana today -- rains, flooded parking lots, winds tore apart onings, knocked down trees. we just had a live report from new orleans where officials were talking about a curfew as they try to wait out tropical storm isaac. more on the storm, a very slow moving storm. >> that's the problem a slow
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mover, crawling along, dumping more rain. we think we can see showers from the remnants of isaac by the second or third part of our labor day weekend but as we look further south, you can see what's happening, a very slow moving, powerful tropical storm. new orleans is below sea level but much of southeastern louisiana at or below sea level. we'll continue to have a severe flooding issue across much of the gulf coast and alluding to it earlier, the potential is there for some of the leftover rain showers and even maybe a thunder shower from eye shack to get in to the mid-atlantic. we'll talk much more about how things shape up. >> you can take our forecast with you on the road. just head to to learn how to download our weather app
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on your smartphone. in other fumes tonight police shot a plan at the beltway motel early this morning. a 911 caller reported a man standing in a room naked armed with a rifle and firing toward the outside of the building. officers arrived and made their way to the man's room on second floor. he came hod armed, refused to drop the weapon. police shot him. he was taken to shock trauma. the officers involved will be placed on routine leave while the incident is investigated. dozens of dead animals discovered after a fire in harford county is at the center of an investigation into possible hoarding. authorities are still trying to determine whether the owner could face charges. >> reporter: the owner escaped from the smoke filled house
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monday night but death surrounded firefighters when they discovered a virtual pet cemetery. >> i noticed they were bringing more out. >> reporter: animal control showed up the next morning to investigate and discovered the owner had already buried a dozen cats on the property but those that died in the fire were far more easy to explain than the corpses discovered in storage. >> between the fire and the cats that were found in the refrigerators, we have approximately 30 some cats found inside the refrigerators, kitten, fox, baby raccoons, squirrels, birds and turtles. >> reporter: the man said he and his wife ran a wildlife animals, the state of the conditions begs
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the question whether they were leeping or hurting. it's a question one neighbor raised in the past eye called because the dogs would be wailing and crying out at all hours of the afternoon and night and called animal control. they went and checked it out and they just said that there was nothing found at the time. that was about a year ago. >> in the fast math of the fire it was animal control's time to rescue what was left of the animals, which is being held in quarantine until it can be determined whether they have rabies. >> a limited number of cats, dogs and turtles are now in animal control. well, patrick "scunny" mccusker would have loved this day, beautiful sky. but it was under the roof of the
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cathedral. a sad day, jamie. >> we've had characters like wild bill, mini the petro. you can add scunny. it was standing room only at the cathedral. scunny was pure baltimore, knowing how to embrace hour past. he died in a bike accident in ocean city last weekend. if you met this man once, he was your friend for life. where but baltimore would you see pallbearers. we are hurting. just listen to our mayor. >> his family has suffered a tremendous loss. the city has suffered a tremendous loss and i lost a friend. >> it wouldn't be the same without him. >> and where in the world but baltimore would you see a nat ti
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-- natty bo beer truck. tonight the place he saved, scan ton square, will have a toast. so have a toast of the bo. a portion will go to the found dation. scunny gone way too soon at the age of 49. the state highway administration said crashes, injuries, deaths and highway work zones have hit a 10-year low. the number of those killed dropped by 50%. there were 200 fewer crashes attributed to the program. the program, which was launched in 2010, includes speed cameras in some highway work zones. well, coming up, a brawl erupts at a courthouse. we want to show you this video. find out what sparked the two sides to start a fight.
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a feet broke out at a courthouse in indiana. it cam as people were leaving a hearing for an alleged murderer. it got physical. police had to step in and break up the fight. no one was seriously injured. >> you have to admire the news anchor's ability to keep his cool. a bat flies by his head. it's in a newsroom in ontario, canada. it made its way in the building. staffers chased it around for several minutes. it's a good thing that bat didn't show up here. tens of thousands of people took part in the world's largest tomato fight. they pelted each other with 120,000 pounds of tomatoes.
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it began in the 1940s when people waged a food fight near a vegetable stand. they have made it annal yal tradition. the republican national convention is getting attention for more than just speeches. how the fashion of the delegates is creating a buzz at the rnc. prices at the pumps continue to increase. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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on the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina, isaac is hammering the coast. it's causing severe flooding and generating powerful storm surges, 12-foot high waves topped the levees in one of new
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orleans parishes with dozens having to be rescued. >> it's horrible. >> water's over the top of the roof. we had to break through the ceiling and come through the attic and they took use out of the attic into the boat pooh officials in new orleans are talking about issuing a curfew for tonight. isaac is expected to gradually weaken as it moves further inland. as you look at all that water moving, mean, that has been the big threat with this storm all along, storm surge right along the gulf coast but especially dumping rain, six inches and 12 inches for 0-inch rain totals. that will flood out the first part of homes. you see these outer rain bands reaching well into the jackson, mississippi area. let's take a look at the current
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statistics. isaac downgraded from hurricane status to a strong tropical storm. why is it losing strength? you have to remember, similar to central florida, this part of louisiana extremely low lying. there's no elevation so a lot of warm lake water and swamp waters. the hurricane is feet -- feeding off the swampy areas. that's helping to keep the storm alive and strong and fetching moisture out of the gulf waters. so we're going to continue to have significant flooding issues across all of louisiana and flooding along with lightning always our top weather killer. you see the reach of isaac even as a tropical storm all the way into northern alabama, all the way into atlanta, all of georgia under the clouds from the outer bands of now tropical storm isaac. as we look at the future path, it will slowly crawl.
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we're talking five-mile-an-hour movement. it with take 10 hours to go 50 miles. that's the obvious math. it shows how much flooding it could generate through central louisiana. here's the future projection of the system. we think it will make a consider of through arkansas, the great lakes. this is the beginning of our labor day weekend. it brings it into maryland, pennsylvania, new england as we go into labor and leftever remnants. seven and a half inches of rain. unbelievable, hammond, louisiana. i'm sure the whole campus is under water right now. take a look at orange beach. this is gulf source, alabama. it continues to lash the gulf
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beaches. we had storm surges, some spots higher. the shape of the coastline is a big deal we you talk about land falling systems, that muddy coast along louisiana. baltimore 85. no flooding here. dry sunny conditions. sunset getting earlier by the day. sunset 7:41, dry comfortable weather, mid-80s. winds from the north and west absolutely spectacular bringing in dry comfortable air. the nearest humid city would be norfolk, virginia. as we look plat model projections, all the rain with isaac will be there tomorrow. 24 hours of heavy straight rain. some of it pushing out of louisiana. the drift of all that leftover moisture could impact us. tonight 60. tomorrow 86. sunshine, a little warmer, great day. saturday we're fine. the next three days look dry and
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hotter, but sunday into monday that's where we'll have to bring in the threat for showers for at left part of the weekend. i would say sunday night into labor day and again on tuesday. scattered showers. this is an unsettled pattern. think of a tropical storm spanning hundreds of miles, millions of gallons of rain and some of that can last for days or a week. now to politics, democracy 2012 news, it is the third day of the republican national convention. that means it's time for paul ryan to step into the spotlight. tory dunnan joins us from tampa. first, last night two big speeches generating quite a bit of buzz today, right? >> reporter: i mean, everyone is still talking about those speeches. romney's team is saying ann romney did a fantastic job and
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saying that new jersey governor chris christie did a fine job as well. those speeches had different messages. here they are. >> mitt doesn't like to talk about how he helps others because he sees it as privilege. >> there's only one thing missing now, leadership. you see, mr. president, real leaders don't follow polls. real leaders change polls. >> reporter: and, kelly, some of the criticism heard is that chris christie focused too much on new jersey. for ann romney maybe she didn't talk enough about her personal relationship, but if you listen to anyone inside the hall they will say two thumbs up for both. >> what can we expect to hear from paul ryan? >> reporter: this is an
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opportunity for him to speak to a larger audience. he will get a very warm welcome here. he's very popular among the republican party base. he will focus on the bigger ideas, economy, budget, medicare but wants to play the role of the attack dog and explain why mitt romney would make a better president than the current president obama. as far as the people who have been here, one person in particular, florida senator marco rubio. he was walking around. he is set to introduce romney tomorrow night but today he shared some insight on paul ryan's speech. >> this is not about being popular but the difference to do something. tonight that will be reinforced with they meet paul ryan, someone in politics to do something,000 make a difference. i can't wait for them to meet him and know about him the way we've gotten to know him.
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>> reporter: all right. that was a mike check you just hard with paul ryan. he was out here getting comfortable. as far as mitt romney, what he's up to tonight, we know he will stay in his hotel room with his wife ann, and they will be watching the speech from there. >> all right. paul ryan taking the stage prime-time. the republican convention isn't just about the speeches and politicking. people are talking about the fashions. a lot of coordinating goes with these outfits. west virginia delegates are representing their strong ties to coal mining and with their convention look. >> you see receipt there the texas delegation probably got the most buzz with their cowboy hats and patriotic red, white and blue. >> all right. i'm jamie costello.
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the search continues for a missing father. where he was last seen here in the waters of middle river. >> we'll go back to new orleans. those stories and more coming up tonight at 6.
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low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. did you notice there are better times of the day and week to spend money on gassments the best time to pump is in the morning. around that time stations are checking competitor's prices. >> experts say wednesdays are typically the best day to fill up because prices go up on
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weekends. sending your kids to college may not be the norm. more kids are being asked to forego dorms and live at home. in a survey of those 18 and younger, about half said they are considering having their child live at home and commute to save on cash. that figure is up 34% from 2007. all right. apple is reportedly days away from announcing its next generation iphone. for those who want to upgrade to the iphone 5, the recycle program may help. customers will receive an apple gift card in return. listen to this. leftover cof fy 'fee -- coffee grinds from starbuckss could be
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an ingredient. it recycle coffee dpriends into bake -- grinds into plastic. the idea was recently represented at the national meeting of chemical society. we'll keep our eye on the gulf coast. we'll go back there live. >> as you can see, the search continues for a boater missing in middle river, where the father was last seen. first it was a fire and then a case of animal horder -- hoarder. perry hall is pushing for


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